Kidney Vouchers and Inequity in Transplantation (paper)

The Badness of Death for Us, the Worth in Us, and Priorities in Saving Lives (paper)

Dignity, Disability, and Lifespan (paper)

Treating Consenting Adults Merely as Means (paper)

Imperatives, Categorical and Hypothetical (paper)

Saving Lives and Respecting Persons (co-authored with Greg Bognar) (paper)

Complete Lives in the Balance (co-authored with Greg Bognar) (paper)

Autonomy, Moral Constraints, and Markets in Kidneys (paper)

Death, Dignity, and Respect (abstract) (paper)

Kantian Condemnation of Commerce in Organs (paper)

Treating Others Merely as Means (abstract) (paper)

Deriving the Supreme Moral Principle from Common Moral Ideas (paper)

Autonomy and Practical Law (paper)

Treating Oneself Merely as a Means (abstract) (paper)

Deriving the Formula of Humanity (abstract) (paper)

Review of Thomas Hill Jr.'s Virtue, Rules, and Justice: Kantian Aspirations (paper)

Review of Allen W. Wood's Kantian Ethics (pdf)

Review of Stephen Darwall's The Second-Person Standpoint (pdf)

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