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Charles H. Manekin, Spring 2014


"For he who'd make his fellow creature wise

Should always gild the philosophic pill"

-- W. S. Gilbert


Charles H. Manekin is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland. Currently the Director of the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies, he specializes in the history of philosophy, specifically medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy.



Manekin has authored The Logic of Gersonides (Kluwer 1991) and On Maimonides (Wadsworth 2004). He in the editor and translator for Medieval Jewish Philosophy (Cambridge University Press, 2008), and the coeditor of Philosophy and the Jewish Bible (University Press of Maryland, 2008) The Routledge Jewish Philosophy Reader (Routledge, 2000), Freedom and Moral Responsibility: General and Jewish Perspectives (University Press of Maryland , 1997), A Straight Path: Studies in Medieval Philosophy and Culture: Essays in Honor of Arthur Hyman (Washington 1988) and numberous publications. For a recent list of publications click below

Charles H. Manekin -- List of Publications

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By appointment, 4143 Susquehanna Hall 

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