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Editor and Translator. Medieval Jewish Philosophy. Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (est. pub. date 2004)

On Maimonides . Wadsworth Philosophers Series. Wadsworth : 2003.
Co-Editor and Translator, The Routledge Jewish Philosophy Reader. London : Routledge, 2000.
Editor, Freedom and Moral Responsibility: General and Jewish Perspectives. College Park : University Press of Maryland , 1997.
The Logic of Gersonides: A translation of "Sefer ha-Heqqesh ha-Yashar" (The Book of the Correct Syllogism) of Rabbi Levi ben Gershom, with Introduction, Commentary, and Analytical Glossary . New Synthèse Historical Library Series, ed. N. Kretzmann . Dordrecht : Kluwer, 1992.
Associate Editor, A Straight Path: Stu­dies in Medieval Philosophy and Culture: Essays in Honor of Arthur Hyman. Washington: Catholic University Press, 1988.

Articles in Books, Journals, and Encyclopedias

“Maimonides’ on God’s Knowledge – Moses of Narbonne’s Averroist Reading, ” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 76 (2002): 51-74. Refereed.
“Scholastic Logic and the Jews,” Bulletin de l’étude de la philosophie médievale 41 (1999): 123-147.
“Review of Ruth Glasner, A Fourteenth Century Scientific Philosophic Controversy: Jedaiah Ha-Penini’s Treatise on Opposite Motions and Book of Confutation for AJS Review 26 (2002): 364-7.
“Conservative Tendencies in Gersonides’ Religious Philosophy” The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Thought. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001 (anticipated, 8000 words) Invited article, but refereed.
“Steinschneider’s Die Hebraeischen Übersetzungen des Mittelalters: From Reference Work to Digitalized Database ,” Jewish Studies Quarterly 7 (2000): 141-159. Refereed.
“Steinschneider on Hebrew Medieval Encyclopedias” (A translation and update of the first chapter of M. Steinschneider’s Die Hebräische Übersetzungen des Mittelalters), in Medieval Hebrew Encyclopedias, ed. Steven Harvey. Amsterdam Studies in Jewish Thought. (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2000), pp. 465-516. Refereed.
“The Logic of the Encyclopedias” in Medieval Hebrew Encyclopedias, ed. Steven Harvey. Amsterdam Studies in Jewish Thought. Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2000 (70 pp. double-spaced typescript.) Refereed.
"Review of Robert Eisen, Gersonides on Covenant, Providence , and the Chosen People ," Jewish Quarterly Review 88 (1998): 332-336.
"On the Limited-Omniscience Interpretation of Gersonides' Theory of Divine Knowledge," in Perspectives on Jewish Thought and Mysticism ed. A. Ivry, E. Wolfson, and A. Arkush. Reading , Harwood Academic Publishers, 1998. Pp. 135-170. Refereed
"On Moses Hayyim Luzzatto's Logic, and on Ramist Influence in His Writings," Daat: A Journal of Jewish Thought 40 (1998): 5-27. Refereed.
"When the Jews learned Logic from the Pope: Three Hebrew Versions of the Tractatus of Peter of Spain," Science in Context 10 (1997): 395-430. Refereed.
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"Some Aspects of the Syllogism in Medieval Hebrew Logic," History and Philosophy of Logic 17 (1996): 49-71. Refereed.
"Review of Susanne Moebuss, Die Intellektlehre des Lev ben Gerson in ihrer Beziehung zur christlichen Scholastik" in Speculum 69 (April 94): 535-537.
"Modal Logic and the Theory of Modality in Gersonides," Iyyun: The Jerusalem Journal of Philosophy 42 (1993): 347-381. Refereed.
"Philosophy, Science, and Logic in Gersonides", in Etudes sur Gersonides: Savant-Philosophe Juif du Quatorzième siècle, ed. Gad Freundethal. Leiden: Brill, 1993. Refereed.
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"Logic and Its Applications in the Philosophy of Gersonides," in Gersonide en son temps, ed Gilbert Dahan, Louvain : Peters, 1992. Refereed.
"Belief, Certainty, and Divine Attributes in the Guide of the Perplexed," Maimonidean Studies 1 (Fall, 1990): 117-141. Refereed.
"Philosophical Observations on Maimonides' Critique of Galen" (with S. Rosenberg), in Korot: A Journal for the History of Medicine 9 (1989) 246-254.
"Logic and Science in Gersonides." Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Medieval Philosophy, Helsinki, 1987 Louvain: Peters, 1992.
 "Themistius on Modal Logic: Excerpts of a Lost Commen­tary on the Prior Analytics (with S. Rosenberg )," Jerusa­lem Studies in Arabic and Islam 11 (1988): 83-103. Refereed.
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"Japhet in the Tents of Shem: Greek Philosophy Preserved in Hebrew" (with S. Rosenberg ), Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought: Studies in Honor of Shlomo Pines 2: 267-275 [Hebrew].
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"Gersonides' Logical Writings: Preliminary Obser­vations," Proceedings of the American Academy of Jewish Research, vol 52 (1986), 85‑113. Refereed.


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